Harness the power of Ion Torrent™ technology

Ion informatics provides intuitive software solutions to allow you to interpret your sequence data. Our Bioinformatics Services can help you get going more quickly. Whether you need training, designing custom assays, optimising workflows, data analysis, consultancy or IT services, we are here to help.

Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services can help you:

  • Apply your Ion Torrent™ sequencing data for specific research applications including targeted, exome, transcriptome, and microbial sequencing
  • Discover new workflows to help you find and compare variants
  • Learn how to characterize and prioritize mutations
  • Effectively manage your data and provide IT computation and storage solutions

Help maximize results with an experienced NGS bioinformatician

All Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services are performed by experienced bioinformaticians who understand what Ion Torrent™ technology can do and how to help you apply it in your research. Whether you're new to NGS or are a seasoned expert, you can use Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Services to customize your experimental design, optimize workflows, maximize discoveries from your data, uncover new opportunities, and get the most from your Ion PGM™ or Ion Proton™ systems and software.

Tailor the service to match your needs

Our Bioinformatics Professional Services Package allows you to customize 20 hours of time with one of our bioinformaticians for Training, consultancy, data analysis and/or IT services, however you want over a one-year period.

Our Torrent Server IT Administration Service offers peace of mind through ongoing Linux Operating System maintenance, Torrent Suite™ Software updates, Torrent Server performance reports and help with data management and data archiving.

Let us help you find the most suitable Bioinformatics Services packages

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  • Bioinformatics Professional Services Package
  • Torrent Server IT Administration Service

20 hours to use—however you choose

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The Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Professional Services Package menu includes:

Bioinformatics data analysis: one-on-one consulting and custom data analysis on specific sequencing applications (see table 1 in blue)

Bioinformatics training: Life Technologies site or remote via virtual classrooms with hands-on exercises (see table 2 in green)

  • Torrent Suite™ Software
  • Variant Calling
  • Ion AmpliSeq ™ Data Analysis
  • Ion Reporter ™ Software
  • Custom data analysis: workflow, algorithms, experiment design, and application-specific data analysis.

Bioinformatics Consultancy: Optimise your workflow for your own custom assay.

IT professional services*: data management, Torrent Server and Linux OS maintenance, and Torrent Suite™ Software updates (see table 3 in orange)

Other data analysis, training and consultancy services can be included on request.

Item Bioinformatics data analysis Time (hrs)
1 Targeted Resequencing 3
2 Amplicon Sequencing 3
3 Exome Sequencing 3
4 Whole Genome 3
5 AmpliSeq 3
Item Bioinformatics training Time (hrs)
6 Intro to Torrent Suite™ Software 3
7 Ion Variant Calling Data Analysis 3
8 Ion AmpliSeq™ DNA Data Analysis 3
9 Ion AmpliSeq™ RNA Data Analysis 3
10 Ion Reporter™ Software Workflow 3
11 Variant Calling Analysis & Interpretation 2
12 RNA-Seq Data Analysis** 2
13 smRNA Data Analysis** 1
14 De novo Assembly* 1
15 Targeted Sequencing Introduction / Overview** 1
16 Linux Basics 3
Item IT professional services Time (hrs)
17 IT Consulting Services 1
18 Remote Software Updates for Torrent Server 1

The one-year IT package

Ordering information

We help you manage your data. We help you manage your software.

As an extension of your in-house IT support we offer peace of mind through ongoing Linux Operating System maintenance, Torrent Suite™ Software updates, Torrent Server performance reports and help with data management and data archiving. You don’t have to be an IT expert, or rely on in-house capabilities--you can focus on your discoveries, research, and core mission.

IT Package features:

  • Initial IT phone consultation—so we can understand your specific requirements in order to best tailor your support
  • One business day email response—you can get fast responses and answers quickly
  • Remote Torrent Server software updates (Life Technologies software only), installation of software plug-ins and ongoing Linux operating system—we facilitate seamless updates, helping save you time
  • Quarterly report of the system usage**, activities and security—you proactively know the health and performance of your system, enabling better planning
  • Data management—helps you keep in-house storage space available through:
    • Mounting and integrating compatible data archive storage devices****
    • Organize and store the data
    • Data back-up, archive, and data transfer
  • Configuring web page accessibility—Enabling connection with the online Ion interface so you can access your data
  • An exit consultation at the conclusion of the support period—we want to make sure that you continue to be successful