Don’t miss this free webinar on GeneArt® Elements™ vector construction and combinatorial parts assembly

You’re invited to join our synthetic biology webinar “GeneArt® Elements™: a combination of standardized genetic parts and customer parts for the cost-effective construction of individualized vectors, pathways, and more.”

In this webinar Dr. Michael Liss, manager of Molecular Biology Research and Development at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses GeneArt® Elements™ vector construction and combinatorial parts assembly. The GeneArt® Elements™ collection offers access to a large set of well-characterized genetic parts that can be used for different purposes, with easy online design and ordering.

  • He will demonstrate how a combination of standardized genetic elements and custom genetic parts are deployed to cost-effectively create customized vectors tailored for your application.
  • He will also showcase how predefined subsets of genetic parts can be combinatorially assembled to create and test variations of expression cassettes or whole pathways.

The ability to cost-efficiently test different promoters, terminators, or other functional elements helps ensure the best possible outcomes for further downstream applications.

Dr. Michael Liss
R&D Manager,
Synthetic Biology Division,
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Michael Liss, Sr. Manager R&D, received his PhD from the University of Regensburg, gaining expertise in virology, molecular biology, and directed evolution. At GeneArt/Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2002, Michael has set up and managed the directed evolution unit for more than 5 years. He further advanced the progress of economical and reliable gene synthesis and installed the novel gene-to-protein service. He is responsible for R&D projects including process development, portfolio accretion, combinatorial biology, and novel applications of synthetic biology and its
underlying concepts of modular parts and devices.

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